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Bitcoin Future Trading Takes Off

Bitcoin Future Trading

Bitcoin future trading has launched in America with the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe: XBT) offering investors the chance to bet or hedge on the upcoming price of Bitcoin across January, February and March. For those unable to invest directly in Bitcoin, it provides a way to trade on the …

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Bitcoin prices – why do they fluctuate so much?

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, its price has fluctuated dramatically, although the overall trend appears to be of increasing value. However, the cryptocurrency is still in its nascent phase and its price fluctuations are driven by many factors. Here are some of the main factors influencing the price …

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Bitcoin races past $4,400, could hit $20,000

Bitcoin Races past $4k

The world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is one of great uncertainty, but for now, interest in the original Bitcoin is surging. The value is fast approaching $4,500 per coin, generating massive wealth and interest. That’s great news for early investors, but why is it happening? The main reason is economic …

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Swiss Bank offers bitcoin investments

Falcon Private Bank

Zurich-based Falcon Private Bank has become the first conventional bank to offer to sell bitcoins to its affluent clients. The Swiss investment firm has made it possible for investors who use its boutique banking services to request that bitcoins are added to their portfolio. The bank will then purchase and …

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Snipe The Trade

Snipe The Trade provides market analysis and also a trading platform for numerous commodities. Forex, CFD and binary options trading are all supported by this platform as well as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. How well does the site perform when it comes to trading crypto-currency? The first consideration …

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