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CryptoKitties Craze Slowing Down Ethereum Transactions

CryptoKitties are the latest virtual craze

Virtual kittens, the latest craze in the world of cryptocurrencies is slowing down the transactions on the second biggest virtual currency, Ethereum. Cryptokitties allows players to breed and buy so called “crypto-pets” on Ethereum’s blockchain network. The game’s developers told the Bloomberg news agency that CryptoKitties was a “key step” …

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What is the main difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin?

There are many different cryptocurrencies available today, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Blockchain. However, one of the most popular is Litecoin, with many people mining this cryptocurrency after its 2011 launch. Indeed, many see it as the ‘silver’ to Bitcoin’s ‘gold’ and it has experienced a mining cap similar to …

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Bitcoin vs Ethereum – What’s the difference?

Bitcoin vs Ethereum - What's the difference?

Many of you will have already heard of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but there has been a lot of press lately about Ethereum that’s getting crypto miners and investors excited. One thing we have found is that there’s some confusion about the difference between the two cryptocurrencies which we will aim to …

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Ethereum miners lease 747s and boost share prices

Ethereum miners lease 747s

Ethereum miners are pushing up share prices by purchasing advanced micro devices (AMDs) and even leasing Boeing 747s in order to ship the AMDs out as quickly as possible so that they can be plugged into the network. Ethereum shares on the up According to industry reporter, Quartz, AMD share …

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3 facts about cryptocurrency that investors need to know

One of the biggest technological milestones achieved that will be spoken of for years to come is digital currency. For the last couple of months now, cryptocurrency has been a major topic for investors. Cryptocurrency incorporates Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and a wide array of digital currency currently making impacts in …

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Ethereum Mining Pool Comparison

Key Pool: Collection of miners Fee: Cost to mine on the pool Min Payout: How how you need to mine before Ether is sent to your wallet VarDiff: Your share difficulty will rise or fall depending on your overall hashrate. This ensures that low-hashrate users don’t get sent difficult blocks, …

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Will Ethereum eclipse Bitcoin?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll have heard of Bitcoin and its dramatic recent rise in value. Just this year alone, Bitcoin price has surged from around $1,000 per coin in January to a high of $3,000 in June. Cryptocurrencies have now …

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What Is Ethereum?

Based on blockchain technology, it is an open software platform that facilitates the building and deployment of decentralised applications. Although functioning in a similar way to Bitcoin, as a distributed public blockchain network, there are some important technical differences, especially in capability and purpose: Bitcoin offers an electronic cash system, …

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How To Mine Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Mining Rig

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin’s greatest and youngest rival, the ether token. Some 300 times more valuable now than it was last year, ether was developed two years ago by Vitalik Buterin specifically for smart contracts, and it has far more applications than the Bitcoin. Also, rather than buy your …

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