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$10 trillion market could be unlocked by crypto and blockchain

According to a recent report released Wednesday by equities analyst Mitch Steves of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), there may be the potential to unlock a $10 trillion ecosystem via blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and decentralisation. Within the report, Steves made his case for why decentralisation will be the future …

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CryptoKitties Craze Slowing Down Ethereum Transactions

CryptoKitties are the latest virtual craze

Virtual kittens, the latest craze in the world of cryptocurrencies is slowing down the transactions on the second biggest virtual currency, Ethereum. Cryptokitties allows players to breed and buy so called “crypto-pets” on Ethereum’s blockchain network. The game’s developers told the Bloomberg news agency that CryptoKitties was a “key step” …

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Blockchain set to be adopted across eSports platforms

The eSports project, Eloplay, has recently announced that it has begun integrating blockchain-based solutions into its platform’s operation. This could signal the growth of blockchain acceptance right across the growing eSports industry. What is eSports? eSports is a booming industry. It’s a form of competitive online gaming and has actually …

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Will cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ever become mainstream?

While centralized banks are still very much running the global economy, the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been exponential over the last few years. Indeed, the concept underpinning this technology, which eliminates the need for a central system to keep records and instead sees them …

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Bitcoin and blockchain can ‘change the world’

Bitcoin and Blockchain could change the world

The Senior Vice President at Fidelity Labs has stated that blockchain technology will ‘change the world’ and that imagining the way it will operate in future is the equivalent of imagining how Google and Facebook would work in the earliest days of the internet. Hadley Stern is responsible for running …

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Bitcoin vs Ethereum – What’s the difference?

Bitcoin vs Ethereum - What's the difference?

Many of you will have already heard of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but there has been a lot of press lately about Ethereum that’s getting crypto miners and investors excited. One thing we have found is that there’s some confusion about the difference between the two cryptocurrencies which we will aim to …

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The potential of blockchain: what can we use it for?

The potential of blockchain

When it comes to cryptocurrency and the world of online money, blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords of our times. The technology is essentially a decentralized ledger and a permanent, trustworthy global data management system. As the first such system of record in history, it has a variety of …

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How Blockchain Could Change The Way Businesses Work

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Blockchain could potentially be the future of all future business transactions. But what is blockchain and what’s the big deal? What is blockchain? Put simply, it is a method of recording data. In effect, it is a digital ledger of agreements, contracts, and transactions that is distributed across many thousands …

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How Bitcoin ould help decentralise the internet

One of the big problems with the existing internet is that it is controlled. It relies on massive server farms, internet service providers, corporations and governments to keep running. The Bitcoin blockchain indicated the way an alternative could be devised: an internet with no center, no control, and no server …

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Can new cryptocurrencies boost the industry?

The trouble with the Bitcoin market, indeed any online market, is that rivals can set up a clone or competitor with relative ease. For the cryptocurrency industry, this creates both risks and opportunities. Negative impact of Bitcoin alternatives The growing number of smaller players may create alternatives, but they dilute …

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