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Will cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ever become mainstream?

While centralized banks are still very much running the global economy, the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been exponential over the last few years. Indeed, the concept underpinning this technology, which eliminates the need for a central system to keep records and instead sees them …

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Bitcoin races past $4,400, could hit $20,000

Bitcoin Races past $4k

The world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is one of great uncertainty, but for now, interest in the original Bitcoin is surging. The value is fast approaching $4,500 per coin, generating massive wealth and interest. That’s great news for early investors, but why is it happening? The main reason is economic …

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Bitcoin and blockchain can ‘change the world’

Bitcoin and Blockchain could change the world

The Senior Vice President at Fidelity Labs has stated that blockchain technology will ‘change the world’ and that imagining the way it will operate in future is the equivalent of imagining how Google and Facebook would work in the earliest days of the internet. Hadley Stern is responsible for running …

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Bitcoin vs Ethereum – What’s the difference?

Bitcoin vs Ethereum - What's the difference?

Many of you will have already heard of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but there has been a lot of press lately about Ethereum that’s getting crypto miners and investors excited. One thing we have found is that there’s some confusion about the difference between the two cryptocurrencies which we will aim to …

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Is Bitcoin a good investment in 2017?

Bitcoin has been heralded as the currency of the future. So, is Bitcoin a good investment vehicle in 2017?

Bitcoin has been heralded as the currency of the future. So, is Bitcoin a good investment in 2017? Polar points of view When considering Bitcoin as an investment medium, there are two schools of thought. Fans of Bitcoin see the lack of a centralized overseer as key to any asset’s …

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3 facts about cryptocurrency that investors need to know

One of the biggest technological milestones achieved that will be spoken of for years to come is digital currency. For the last couple of months now, cryptocurrency has been a major topic for investors. Cryptocurrency incorporates Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and a wide array of digital currency currently making impacts in …

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SegWit2x: Bitcoin’s latest upgrade

SegWit2x What Does it Mean For Bitcoin

Bitcoin may have been “stagnant” for a while, according to Rob Viglione, co founder of ZenCash, but on Friday it welcomed its latest software upgrade to support its rapidly increasing number of transactions, leading the cryptocurrency into a boom. The interest and demand for Bitcoin has grown year on year …

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Could Bitcoin save Venezuela from financial meltdown?

The financial situation in Venezuela is reaching new chaotic heights. The problem of rampaging inflation is largely the result of the mismanagement of its funds by the banks, and also the government’s apparent inability to do anything about the situation. So could Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies be used to solve …

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Bitcoin mining pools – an overview

Bitcoin Mining

You may have heard the term ‘Bitcoin mining’. Bitcoin mining involves ‘making’ cryptocurrency an income stream and can take place ‘solo’ or as part of a ‘pool’. Joining a pool is the best way forward when seeking to mine Bitcoin because, although you have to share the rewards, you will …

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