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SpectroCoin Bitcoin Debit Card: Trade for Every Currency

For those who’ve been hard at work at their Bitcoin trading, the rewards are truly here. Recently, the price of one Bitcoin rose from $2, 000 to $19, 000 in only 20 minutes before settling at $15, 000.

Those who once relied on basic wallets now need the security of third-party services, and Spectrocoin offers an exchange, a wallet, and a debit card.

They rely on chip and pin technology, which can be used at any retailer that accepts VISA. A single transaction number is generated for every purchase, so counterfeiting and identity theft are well-nigh impossible.

Service Tools

SpectroCoin Debit Card and Wallets For Bitcoin

If you trade Bitcoins via iOS or Android, SpectroCoin has you covered with an intuitive wallet that supports British Pounds, Dollars, and Euro. They also integrate with PayPal, so you can move currency from the comfort of your home. They offer 24/7 support with fair fees and an exchange of 2 – 3% below real-time rates to cover expenses.

Exchanges are automated before you shift currency into your prepaid card. Withdrawals are supported from over 30 million global ATMs, making your Bitcoins as relevant and useful offline as they are in the real world.

Card top-ups are free at spectrocoin.com, at a limit of two a day. If your Bitcoin trading results are booming, it has an impressive limit of $10, 000 daily.

Security and Trading

You can expect to receive your physical card within four weeks, but your virtual account is instant. The verification process is stringent enough to keep your wallet protected. If you trade Bitcoins, SpectroCoin’s exchange lets you invest in Bitcoins, Fiat and 20 virtual currencies.

Spectrocoin’s focus is on offering a wide range of currency trade options that connect seamlessly to traditional and virtual money. It thus offers a broad toolkit that should satisfy most currency investors.