Snipe The Trade

Snipe The Trade provides market analysis and also a trading platform for numerous commodities. Forex, CFD and binary options trading are all supported by this platform as well as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

How well does the site perform when it comes to trading crypto-currency?

The first consideration to bear in mind is that this site is not ideal for beginners: at least a working knowledge of Forex, CFD and binary options trading is required in order for a trader to use the site successfully. There are no beginner friendly ‘how to’ guides or videos of the kind that you see on comparable trading platforms. Nevertheless, as a site for experienced traders, Snipe The Trade is secure and user friendly, and it makes it easy to make profitable trades with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Snipe The Trade is particularly strong when it comes to analysing market signals, and the subtle information that traders can derive from market signals helps them to make nuanced decisions with all of their trades. One issue that several traders have had with this site has been with the customer support options, which is often described as slow.

Many of the site’s users have stated that the way to get around this is to send a personal email directly to the email account of the site’s customer support technician.

Snipe The Trade: Overview

This is a great site for advanced traders of crypto-currencies, as it is strong on analysis (despite being weak, according to several reports, on customer service). Though not ideally suited to beginners, Snipe The Trade will serve more experienced crypto-currency traders very well.