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Loadoo Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Loadoo Brings Security and Functionality to Bitcoin

Your Bitcoin is only as secure as the wallet it’s kept in. The Bitcoin prepaid debit card; a chip and pin protected tool that can access merchants who don’t accept cryptocurrencies. Loadoo is a leading Bitcoin prepaid debit card that moves cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. It works like any debit card, playing a significant role in making digital money relevant.

Basic Services

The Loadoo Bitcoin Debit Card can be used in the virtual and physical sphere and is compatible with PayPal. Cash can be drawn at ordinary ATMs, allowing you to exclude profit-hungry banks from your everyday life. Security features are where this debit card really shines. A stiff verification process ensures that only the legitimate owner can access the currency, and the prepaid debit card is protected by the credit card industry’s premium security strategies.


Loadoo locks exchange rates during active payments so that you can avoid severe dips in currency value. This feature is a necessity if you’re using a prepaid debit card. Users can open and activate accounts for free. The upfront card price compares favourably with standard credit cards, and online and store purchases are free. This means your Loadoo should be more economical to use than the best standard debit accounts in the industry. Paypal funds can also be shifted in and out of your Loadoo account, and there is an attractively meagre monthly fee. Many of the services are offered online, so you can acquire a card without leaving your living room.


Unlike many of the cryptocurrency cards on the market, Loadoo comes with excellent support. The company is registered, and it has users in a range of different demographics from traders to online marketers and remote workers.

The Loadoo Bitcoin Debit Card can be used at any merchant that supports VISA and is offered in Euro, US dollars, and British Pounds. Switching currencies is easy, and problems are usually resolved by support teams within only a few hours. Unlike many of its competitors, deposit and withdrawal limits are high and can be increased upon verification.

The days when you could only spend cryptocurrencies at a limited number of retailers are over. Preloaded cards effectively turn your Bitcoin into cash, and Loadoo achieves that better than most global players. Its transparency is admirable, as are its services.

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