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Hashflare Cloud Mining Review : Is it really a scam?

With cloud mining becoming a new, cheaper alternative to traditional bitcoin mining via the purchase of specialised software, there are plenty of companies and startups out there eager to capitalise on the importance of bitcoin, ethereum and other such cryptocurrencies. Hashflare.io appears to be a keen and worthy contestant in this new race, but they don’t appear to be able to offer much in the way of innovation or traditional favourites in the cloud mining world.

Who are Hashflare?

Hashflare Cloud MiningHashflare are an Estonian startup that offer users the chance to mine in pools for some of the lesser known currencies, such as Scrypt, SHA-256, ethereum, zcash and dash. The benefits of this to the ordinary user are subtle but important; Bitcoin is fast becoming a flooded market with lower payouts, and a ton more mining needed to come close to any kind of payout, especially with the advent of mining pool providers such as Hashflare. Secondly, these newer currencies can always be traded in for the more popular currencies that are also floated on the market.

Hashflare claim to have three years’ experience in the field of mining; not a huge amount of time in the industry, but still enough to keep up with the pace of progression in the cryptocurrency field.

How Do They Fare?

Bitcoin mining sites can vary from simple to horribly complex. Often, beauty lies in simplicity, but this doesn’t apply in the case of Hashflare. Their website comes across as very rudimentary with little in the way of explanations about who they are, or reliable testimonials. The whole experience feels like more of an introduction, and let’s face it, people want more than just the basics before moving on to a pool that promises more.


Hashflare have a way to go before they can truly compete; they offer some basic packages in cryptocurrencies, but they either have to delve into the more popular currencies out there or promise a heck of a lot more than the basic packages they’re offering. They appear to be a more ‘grass roots’ operation, inviting potential customers to visit them in person with questions, which is all well and good, but in this online industry, it’s unfortunately all about first impressions which are formed solely from the company’s website. And in this respect, Hashflare unfortunately falls short.