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CryptoTrader Review – Automated Cloud Based Trading Bot

CryptoTrader Review – Cloud-Based Algorithmic CryptoCurrency Exchange Platform

What is CryptoTrader?

Showing Bots on CryptoTrader such as Blade RunnerCryptoTrader is a cloud-based algorithm digital currency exchange platform that allows for the automation of transaction strategies through integrated scripting language based on CoffeeScript. CryptoTrader is allows you to buy and sell automated trading robots. These bots are well-designed programs that act according to a defined set of rules, in the selling and purchase of orders in the financial market.

CryptoTrader indeed is a formidable platform, for it is a cloud-based solution, hence requiring no software installation for you to be able to run it since the trade bots run on a 24/7 VPS Cloud.

With that said, major digital currencies supported include Bitcoin, Ethereum (Poloniex, Kraken, and Bitfinex), Litecoin, among many others.

Features of CryptoTrader

#1. Automated Cloud-Based Exchange Bots

CryptoTrader bridges the needs and demands in creating an efficient environment, for maximum performance. Thus with CryptoTrader, the trade Bots are run from servers. Thus no software installation is required for this service.

#2. Supports All Major CryptoCurrency

CryptoTrader supports all the key types of digital currencies from the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Coinbase, and Litecoin, among many others. All available in both Back-testing, which is the process of testing the viability of a transaction strategy, based on relevant historical data before investing. And Live trading which shows real-time prices updates and fixtures of cryptocurrency.

#3. Strategies Market

The strategies-marketplace refers to the place where the selling and buying of exchange policies take place. Trade policies are well-fixed plans designed for producing rewards or return, in long or short markets. Thus establishing consistency, verifiability, and quantifiability in statistics for overall much better returns.

#4. Back-testing Tool

This tool enables the testing of developed strategies, to see how they would perform in different market conditions, thus collectively forming back-testing exchange plans, which are overly designed to test the viability of a transaction strategy based on relevant historical data.

#5. Supports Instantaneous SMS and Email alerts notification systems

These are meant to notify you of the current statics and fixtures in the current market. As well as tell you about the performance of the robust exchange strategy, the yields or returns if which one is set to benefit.CryptoTrader Bot Discussion Topics

In a wrap-up, this automated trading bot proves to be quite the formidable platform, delivering even more than just stated on paper. The vast array of feature gives a glimpse into the broad capabilities and effectiveness than comes with the use of bots in digital currency transactions.

Thus one thing is clear; it’s about time to let your money work for you through the vast array pre-designed trading strategies.

So why continue waiting? For all this and more head on to CryptoTrader to start maximizing your earnings today.


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