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CoinBase Review – Buy, Sell & Trade Bitcoins

Coinbase Review by BiTPAL

Coinbase is a site dedicated to selling cryptocurrency. At coinbase, traders can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and sell them too. To date, the site has exchanged over six billion dollars in cryptocurrency, and it boasts over 8 million customers in 32 different countries, making it a substantial force in the markets. 

In fact, it is the largest Bitcoin broker in the world. Continue reading for our full Coinbase Review.

Why use Coinbase? Our Full Coinbase Review

This website is big on connectivity. Users can link it up to their bank account, credit or debit card to make transfers easy. Sellers can also integrate their PayPal account with the website. There is also an app for Android or iPhone, which makes accessing the trader’s ‘mobile wallet’ quick and simple.

Coinbase the most popular place to buy bitcoins in the world!There are plenty of security features, too, which should put the majority of crypto-currency users’ minds at rest. Most notably, the coin vault has multi-signature protection, and the user has complete control over their own vault.

Site users tend to praise the low fees charged by coinbase (usually around 0.25%) as well as the fact that Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies are sold here at prices that are very close to the official market exchange rate.

In addition, this site is generally considered to be a reputable one, particularly as it has been in existence for so long (it was founded in 2012 and as such is one of the oldest exchange sites for digital currencies).

Did you know? Coinbase only stores 2% of its bitcoin holdings on its server to prevent hackers accessing the main Coinbase Wallet. This 2% is insured against theft and the other 98% is held offline in cold storage. Your Coinbase account also has extra security features to prevent unauthorised access!

Summary: A reputable site offering low fee exchanges

Traders in search of a way to trade digital currencies without having to pay hefty commissions and without having to depart too much from the market rates are likely to be very pleased. With its high levels of security and its intuitive smartphone app, this is a reliable and user friendly exchange platform for the three main crypto-currencies.

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