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What is a Bitcoin Mining Pool and why join one?

Bitcoin Mining Pool

If you are thinking of entering the world of Bitcoin mining or recently have, you may have come across a Bitcoin Mining Pool. However, it may not be overly clear what they are and why they might be a good idea to join, which is where this article will help. Bitcoin …

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Could Bitcoin save Venezuela from financial meltdown?

The financial situation in Venezuela is reaching new chaotic heights. The problem of rampaging inflation is largely the result of the mismanagement of its funds by the banks, and also the government’s apparent inability to do anything about the situation. So could Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies be used to solve …

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Bitcoin mining pools – an overview

Bitcoin Mining

You may have heard the term ‘Bitcoin mining’. Bitcoin mining involves ‘making’ cryptocurrency an income stream and can take place ‘solo’ or as part of a ‘pool’. Joining a pool is the best way forward when seeking to mine Bitcoin because, although you have to share the rewards, you will …

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Ethereum Mining Pool Comparison

Key Pool: Collection of miners Fee: Cost to mine on the pool Min Payout: How how you need to mine before Ether is sent to your wallet VarDiff: Your share difficulty will rise or fall depending on your overall hashrate. This ensures that low-hashrate users don’t get sent difficult blocks, …

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How To Mine Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Mining Rig

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin’s greatest and youngest rival, the ether token. Some 300 times more valuable now than it was last year, ether was developed two years ago by Vitalik Buterin specifically for smart contracts, and it has far more applications than the Bitcoin. Also, rather than buy your …

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